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Customer Testimonials

"I have referred clients with complicated IRS issues to Tax Solutions. These clients report that Tax Solutions had the level of sophistication necessary to resolve their complicated IRS issues."

                                                                           - Thomas

Tax Solutions was extremely professional, proficient and completed our taxes in a timely manner. All of our questions and concerns for business and home taxes were answered promptly. 

                                                                             - Marie P

"Tax Solutions has been doing my taxes for decades. Always completed timely and accurately. The reminders for quarterly estimates are great! Thanks for the prompt, courteous and professional service."                                                                                                  - MF  

"Tax Solutions not only offers exemplary accounting services but their startup advice and guidance has been invaluable during the purchase of a new business."

                                 - Michelle M

I always received complete and thoughtful answers to my questions very quickly, often outside of office hours. The way they have prepared my taxes has consistently been thorough and transparent. I have come to trust this team a great deal with my filings as well as with related financial questions that arise as I am faced with having to make major decisions throughout the year (e.g., moving out of country, purchasing a home)

                                                            - Frank Cruz

They handled my audit exceptionally well. Tax Solutions is well versed in the complexities of the New York City and PA tax codes. I could not give a higher recommendation

                       - Andrew E


"Tax Solutions is thorough and detail-oriented. They keeps up with all of the recent changes to the Tax Code and related regulations. They makes sure their clients' taxes are done correctly and in a manner that is most advantageous for the taxpayer." -Tori G    

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